APRECU The Albacete Association of Cutlery, is a professional non profit organization, formed on the 28th of June in 1977, for the free association of artisans, knife businesses, shops and industries.
Aprecu is made up of permanent staff (executive secretary and attorney) and has intense, independent activity, being one of the most dynamic associations in the province.

Through nearly four decades of history, APRECU has received several awards. Its main objective is to spread the culture and traditions. It is for this, that APRECU annually promotes the following activities:

– Regional Knife Making Contest including folding knives, and scissors, in which the winners are donated to the Museum of Cutlery of Albacete.
– National and International Literature
– Constest about folding knives “ Juan José García Carbonell”
– Cutlery fair, including exhibits and sales “City of Albacete” & Knife Show.

Logo APRECUAPRECU has created the Foundation for Development of Cutlery “FUDECU”, of the School of Cutlery, “ Amós Nuñez” and the Municipal Museum of Cutlery, located in the House of Hortelano, inaugurated on the 6th of September, 2004.
In the year 2010, Aprecu organized the I Congress of Cutlery, celebrated in Albacete.
In colaboration with the City Council of Albacete, APRECU has created the seal of guarantee “ AB- Cutlery of Albacete”, which verifies the origen and quality of the cutlery products from Albacete.

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