Tourism of Albacete

Albacete is an internationally recognized city of reference in the cutlery industry in Spain and in the world.

The city of Albacete is the urban nucleus with greater number of population of all Castilla-La Mancha (over 170.000 inhabitants)

The province of Albacete today is one of the most developed ones by its capital, the most populous city of Castilla-La Mancha. There are diverse options within the tourist offer of the city: cultural, sports, business, commercial, nature, etc…

Called by the Arabs Al-Basit it is located in the middle of the La Mancha plain. Albacete is a modern, clean, dynamic, bustling city, peppered with green spaces, where the traveller can enjoy a walk around its pedestrianised streets, sample in its many restaurants its rich and varied cuisine or enjoy a night of partying.

With tourism of Albacete, the traveller will find a varied cultural offering, theatres, Museums, exhibitions or sport; we highlight: the Cathedral of San Juan Baustista, with a Gothic conception with details from the transition to Baroque; the Antiguo Convento of La Encarnación, turned into the Centro Cultural de La Asunción, the Posada del Rosario which houses the tourist office, the Bull Ring which was a model for the construction of that of Madrid  and the Theatre-Circus to mount both plays and circus shows.

There are manyMuseums to visit: the provincial archaeology one, the municipal, that of the child, the interpretive centre of peace, or that of cutlery. The following deserve special mention: the exhibition ground where the people of Albacete celebrate the September fair, declared of International Tourist Interest, and the Pasaje Lodares, an iconic building in the capital, where commerce and housing are mixed.

The Tourism of Albacete is rich in leisure options. Moreover, Albacete is a starting point for many different routes: the mountain ranges of Alcaraz and of the Segura, the Valle del Júcar and of Cabriel, the castles of Chinchilla, Almansa, Yeste, the plains covered in extensive vineyards or the visit to the Campos de Hellín.

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